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By CG Clark


Rebeka Willette wakes to a world she does not recognize. Doctors and family say her jumbled memories result from a horrific accident she survived, but that killed her husband, a man she swears she never knew. As Rebeka tries to accept her “new normal,” she continues to have mental flashes too vivid to overlook as post-trauma confusion. She doubts her sanity when she sees people and events, including supernatural forces, she cannot explain.

Desperate to discern the truth, she embarks on an incredible journey to uncover clues from her past. An unexpected traveler helps Rebeka trust herself and see her current life isn’t altogether real, but a deviation created by enemy forces to thwart God’s plan. Will Rebeka fight to get back to reality before it’s too late? Her future and her life—and that of many others—may just depend on it.

Book Takeaway:

No matter our circumstances, the Lord is always in control. He will use each one to make His power and grace known and just may be the "seed" necessary to lead another soul to Jesus.


Year Title Description
2022 Scrivenings Press NovelStarts Writing Contest First Place Award in Speculative Fiction
2022 Florida Christian Writers Conference Contest Third Place Award in Speculative Fiction

Why the author wrote this book:

Everyone has experienced that odd feeling that they are out of place and time, especially when something happens that doesn't match what our memories tell us. It can be a scary moment when we ask ourselves, "Am I losing it?" Maybe not. We need to remember there is a champion that knows all, and He may be using the event to remind us that nothing is impossible for him ... even changing our circumstances. We must remember He will never fit in the "box" that is limited by our perceptions.


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