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White Lake

By Jody Stallings


The only escape from her persecution was through the secrets of his past.

Halloween, 1973. A little girl goes missing.

To get her back, young prosecutor Colby Borden must lose the trial against her abductor in a reverse-courtroom drama that challenges his ethics and wits.

Who is the mysterious woman that taunts and tortures him? What dark secret holds the key to escaping her depraved pursuit?

In a desperate search for freedom, Colby's only allies are a faded photograph from a crystal beach in White Lake, North Carolina, and his embattled conscience.

Includes the bonus novel RETURN TO WHITE LAKE!

A strange murder sends Colby Borden back where the nightmare began to prove his own innocence ... or guilt!


Why the author wrote this book:

I loved the premise of a lawyer who has to LOSE a trial in order to save someone he loves.


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