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The Shelter of Each Other

By Catherine Richmond


Welcome to 1850s Preparation, Iowa, where a man desperate to belong and a woman wanting to escape, join forces for peace.

Since Keziah Sirrine’s husband disappeared on a mission trip to the frontier, she’s survived by selling herbal remedies and studied to become a midwife. Then the Chief Steward of the Congregation sells her house out from under her to fund the group’s move to the wilderness of Iowa. Keziah must go along, even though she thinks the leader is a fraud.
Duncan Ross becomes a member of the Mormon commune, hoping for a place to call home, to be part of something bigger than himself. He works with Keziah for the health of the Congregation…and falls in love with this determined woman.
In the isolation of Preparation, the Chief Steward declares himself anointed of God, demands members relinquish all possessions, and dodges questions about finances. As tensions boil into violence, news of Keziah’s missing husband has Duncan wondering if their love—and Preparation—will survive.

Book Takeaway:

Follow Jesus and rely only on His saving grace.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was looking for a good hike, when I found an Iowa State Park called Preparation Canyon. (Say that in James Earl Jones's voice!) The dramatic history of this place begged for a story.


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