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You Are the Reason

By Mary A. Felkins


A reluctant heiress.

A driven contractor.

An abandoned house in want of a family.

CPA Everley Scott knows exactly what she wants. Status quo. But when her inheritance of Moreland, an 1846 manor house, is at risk of being razed, she agrees to fulfill her mother’s final wishes to restore the house to its former glory and hire her contractor of choice.

Historic restoration specialist, Gabe Bellevue, is in need of a big contract to buoy his reputation as New Orleans’go-to guy. Stunned at his hefty price, Everley is cornered
into involving a high-profile production company that offers funding in return for rights to film the project.

Production’s strict schedule pressures Gabe to rush the job, but his refusal could cost him the deal of a lifetime … and his last shot at satisfying unrequited love for Everley, his high school crush.

The discovery of an impassioned plea penned in the 1800’s by a former Moreland heiress might be the key to unlock Everley’s heart and enable her to embrace the
historic treasure. Especially when it comes with a highly capable—and increasingly irresistible—contractor.

Will Moreland, once again, enjoy the sound of love and laughter within its walls?

Book Takeaway:

Surrendering to God’s call on our lives could lead to our greatest dream.

Why the author wrote this book:

To show purpose in hardship and who it can enable you to become.
To show what it looks like to abandon your agenda in order to follow the call of God.
To communicate that our identity is not in what we do but who we are—chosen children of God created for a purpose.


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