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Settlers' Hope

By Kathleen D. Bailey


Oona Moriarty never thought she'd be attracted to a man who looked like he was "carved from the Western woods." Deeply scarred by the troubles back in Ireland, she comes to Halls Mill, Oregon, to recruit her brother to come back to Ireland and help her fight the landlords. For his part, Pace Williams has made a career out of staying out of other people's fights. He wants to make a home with Oona; Oona wants to exact revenge for the loss of her first home. Can they find a common ground in a brave new world?

Book Takeaway:

"Home" is with loved ones and God.

Why the author wrote this book:

To show that "home" is anywhere. Pace is searching for a place to "put down roots" and finds it in the Oregon Country and with Oona. Oona must learn that her true home is not Ireland, but where her loved ones are.


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