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Outspoken Love

By Jeri Stockdale


When Anna Bailey, a young intelligent woman, agrees to help with Seattle’s suffrage movement, she’s taken on more than she anticipated, and meeting Daniel Wright only complicates her life that much more. She’d all but closed the door to love after past betrayals, but finds that Daniel may be the one man to pry it open.

Daniel Wright, a young reporter, is working hard to advance his career in order to provide for himself and his mother and sister, so when he meets winsome Anna Bailey, the last thing he needs is to get involved with someone new, but how can he refuse her request for help when the cause is just and the stakes are high?

When Anna and Daniel decide to work together, they both struggle to guard their fragile hearts. Will their efforts all be for naught as corrupt businessman, James Morgan, interferes and endangers what they’ve worked so hard to accomplish?

Book Takeaway:

Every person has value and a voice that needs to be heard. Speaking truth in love is an act of love itself. In essence, we need to live our lives in obedience to what God has called us to do, even when it goes against the culture of the times.

Why the author wrote this book:

A lighter entertaining read in historical romance while approaching a serious subject like the suffrage movement would be welcomed by those who want to learn more without delving into the depths of historical nonfiction. My story has the advantage of looking at the suffrage movement from a Christian perspective, and how giving women a voice influenced communities for their good.


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