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Every Day Filled with Hope

By Shelia W. Stovall


Welcome to Weldon, Kentucky, where no one can keep a secret forever.

Nineteen years ago, a powerful and influential man assaulted former runway model Casey Bledsoe, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. Casey’s biggest regret is allowing fear to influence her to give up her baby for adoption.

It’s mere days before Casey and Daniel are scheduled to leave Weldon, Kentucky on a mission trip to Africa when Casey receives a letter from Madison, her eighteen-year-old daughter. Hope for healing begins.

Still, Casey grapples with telling those closest to her what really happened. That includes Daniel, the man she loves. Daniel’s a cop, and Casey is afraid of how he’ll react. Little does she know, Daniel has his own secret he’s keeping. As each day passes and they face more trials in the African wilderness, their hidden truths tear them further apart.

If Casey and Daniel don’t learn to trust each other and forgive, there’s no hope their love will hold them together.

Book Takeaway:

A broken heart and spirit, cannot fully heal without forgiveness.

Why the author wrote this book:

Church pews are filled with people who appear to have perfect lives. However, most of us wear masks. God gave me a character in Casey who is beautiful and talented, yet she hides her brokenness. I've traveled to Africa seven times on short-term mission trips, and while in Africa, God gave me the idea for this story. I always feel like I'm the worst missionary ever, but I've learned God can use me and my past mistakes to grow His kingdom. In Africa, God removes my mask, which also happens to Casey in the story. She can't hide behind her fashionable clothes and makeup artistry.

Casey's inability to forgive herself and the man who assaulted her is her burden. I wanted to write a story where readers are torn and wonder if they could forgive if they were in Casey's situation. I hope readers realize the truth: we must yield and forgive, no matter how heinous the crime committed against us. Even though it seems impossible, all things are possible with God, even to pray for our enemies.


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