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Persuaded by the Hero

By Elle E. Kay


His decision changed their lives. Her decision will decide their future.

Bryce hasn’t laid eyes on Sabrina in eight years despite visiting Freedom Ridge every Christmas. Not that he could blame her for avoiding him. He left town in a hurry and without a backward glance. He isn’t the same irresponsible kid from back then—the Army changed him. But convincing her to trust him again will be a challenge.

Avoiding the man she’d once loved every Christmas season was one thing, but now he's back. And he's her boss. Sabrina isn’t prepared to work for Bryce. Their story might have derailed eight years earlier, but her humiliation feels fresh. Had God rescued her only to throw her back into the mouth of a hungry lion?

They soon discover time apart didn’t dim their chemistry and buried feelings rise to the surface, but will they have a second chance at romance or is the risk of involving him in her son’s life too great?


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