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Enduring Love

By Suzie Waltner


Becca Jackson loves the quiet life she has built for herself. She remains hidden from the public eye despite her father’s wealth and success. She loves her friends and her job. When her brother shows up at her house asking for money, Becca’s life becomes immersed in turmoil. Between Brad’s arrival and her shifting emotions toward her boss, she struggles to find peace. When Becca is shoved into the spotlight, memories of the past overwhelm her and she runs. Can she let go and trust God to take care of her? When his best friend leaves and refuses to speak to him, Alex Newsome regrets not sharing his true feelings with her. He has loved Becca for years but never acted on it. When the threats toward her take a turn for the worse, Becca’s decision to move leaves Alex hurting and helpless. He promises he’ll wait for her but wonders if she’ll ever be able to trust him enough to share a life with him.


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