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The Secret of the 14th Room

By Rebecca Hemlock


What would you do if you inherited an old house full of secrets?

Tucked between the hills of Granton, Tennessee, lies a mysterious house standing the test of time. A house that's been in the Corbin family for many generations. Levi lives his life carrying the burdens of his past. Those burdens get heavier when he receives a letter informing him of his grandmother's death.

Before Levi can begin grieving, his cousin Silas appears, determined to destroy every shred of Corbin history.
Before Silas can flatten the house, Levi finds a deep dark secret that could change the course of U.S. history forever. He reaches out to Abigail Wilson, Attorney at Law, who warns him of others who would love to get their hands on what he’s found.

There's only one way to protect the past. Face it head on, but that's easier said than done.
Can Levi discover the secret of the 14th room, and protect his family legacy before 200 years of Corbin's disappear forever?


Year Title Description
2021 Readers Favorite Honorable Mention In the Mystery catagory


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