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The Secret of the 14th Room

By Rebecca Hemlock


You don't know what you've got until it's gone. Or until someone wants to kill you for it.

Levi Corbin travels back to the small town in Tennessee, where his world is turned upside down at the loss of the only woman that ever felt like a mother to him.
After the funeral, Levi soon discovers that he and his sleazy cousin Silas, are heirs to their grandmother’s estate. Is Levi ready to let go of the past and forgive Silas for his wrongdoings?
Levi quickly suspects that Silas is up to no good and teams up with his grandmother’s beautiful attorney to stop Silas and whatever he has planned. As the two work together to get Silas removed from the will, Levi finds a clue that says the house may be hiding a big secret. A secret worth killing for. Silas finds himself in jail, when a young friend of Levi’s is attacked. But who is this nosy old woman following Levi and who is responsible for the freak fire that nearly destroyed Grandma’s house?
All this is too much for Levi’s shaken faith, and not only does he need to reconnect to the place that used to be his home, but he needs to reconnect with God to help him get through and solve the mysteries of his grandmother’s house.


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