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Death and a Crocodile

By Lisa E. Betz


Sensible women don’t investigate murders, but Livia Aemilia might not have a choice.

Rome, 46 AD. When Livia’s father dies under suspicious circumstances, she sets out to find the killer before her innocent brother is convicted of murder. She may be an amateur when it comes to hunting dangerous criminals, but she’s determined, intelligent, and not afraid to break a convention or two in pursuit of the truth.

Plus, she’s adopted a radical new faith that encourages her to believe a woman and a handful of servants can actually solve a murder. Can she uncover the culprit before powerful men realize what she’s up to and force her to stop? Or will her snooping land her in deadly peril?

Book Takeaway:

What criteria do we use to value others? What is the source of those criteria, and how does a Christian worldview change those criteria?


Year Title Description
2019 ACFW Genesis Finalist in Mystery category

Why the author wrote this book:

My interest in ancient Roman culture stems from many years teaching Bible studies. I’ve tried to absorb as much as possible about the culture and history of the Roman Empire, so I can bring the ancient world to life and make the Bible more relevant to modern Christians.

I love being swept away to far-off times and places within the pages of a compelling book, so historical fiction was a natural fit. Since I prefer action and mystery to romance, I decided to write a mystery set in ancient Rome. Plotting a mystery suits the analytical side of my brain. Creating eccentric characters and witty dialogue suits the creative side. Putting them together, I create entertaining stories that amuse, encourage, and inspire.


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