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Rekindling Trust

By Sandra Ardoin


Abandonment. Betrayal. Injustice.
Two broken hearts given a second chance to mend.

Widow Edythe Westin yearns for a peaceful home and independence from her controlling father. The goal seems within reach until her rebellious young son is suspected of arson and assault. With nowhere else to turn, she defies her father and appeals for help from the only man she ever loved—the man who once deserted her when she needed him most.

Attorney Barrett Seaton returned to his hometown to make his brother’s final days comfortable. Seeing Edy again raises Barrett’s guard, especially when she remains under her father’s thumb…just like the day she rejected Barrett to marry another man. A second betrayal by her would destroy him as surely as her devious father destroyed his brother by railroading him into prison.

How will they rekindle trust lost years earlier in order to save Edythe’s son?

Continue getting to know the young women of the Widow's Might group as they prepare to fall in love again:

Phoebe - Unwrapping Hope - Novella
Claire - Enduring Dreams - Book One
Edythe - Rekindling Trust - Book Two


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