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A New York Yankee on Stinking Creek

By Carol McClain


Winner of the Dragonfly Book Award for Novel

Nothing Good Comes From Stinking Creek

Alone, again, after the death of her fiance, abstract artist Kiara Rafferty finds herself on Stinking Creek, Tennessee.

She wants out of this hillbilly backwater, where hicks speak an unknown language masquerading as English. Isolated, if she doesn't count the snakes and termites infesting her cabin, only a one-way ticket home to Manhattan would solve her problems.

Alone, in a demanding crowd, Delia Mae McGuffrey lives for God, her husband, her family, and the congregation of her husband's church. Stifled by rules, this pastor's wife walks a fine line of perfection, trying to please them all. Now an atheist Yankee, who moved in across the road, needs her, too.

Two women. TWo problems. Each holds the key to the other's freedom.

Book Takeaway:

Assumptions are usually wrong. We're all two sides of the same black and white cookie.


Year Title Description
2020 Dragonfly Book Award Best novel

Why the author wrote this book:

Having moved to Tennessee, I assumed I'd find huge cultural differences.
And I love the name of a local town: Stinking Creek


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