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Heart of the Crown

By Hannah Currie


The last place Lady Wenderley Davis ever expected to find herself after swearing off princes forever was living in a palace with two of them. Even if it is only temporary. And she did agree to it. Kind of. Against her better judgement.

But then, she’s never been one to hide her heart, nor hold back help from anyone who needs it. And if ever there’s a family who need help, it’s this one.

As two weeks stretch to more, Wenderley throws all she has into showing the princes and their family how to smile again, and she’s loving every moment of it. Which is a problem. Because she’s very quickly becoming attached, and – as the man she’d rather forget keeps reminding her – the one thing she can’t do is stay.

Book Takeaway:

All will be well because God will never walk away or stop loving us, no matter what.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book because, one, I loved Wenderley as a minor character in the previous books and wanted to discover her story but also because I wanted to remind readers of God's unending grace which he continues to offer no matter how many times we fail.


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