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Every Good Gift

By Urcelia Teixeira


He’s searching for the truth. An enemy is searching for him.

A childhood tragedy almost destroyed his life. A tragedy everyone thought to be nothing more than an accident.

So Adam Cross rebuilds his life in a small East Coast town, pastoring The Lighthouse mission. He’s surrounded by the close-knit community of Turtle Cove. He has his beautiful wife, Ruth, and their little girl, Abigail. And he has his faith. Life couldn’t be more perfect.

Until another accident happens.

But what lurks behind the innocent smokescreen is an enemy no one knew or saw coming. One who had been waiting in the shadows to take what is his. To take revenge. One who has the power to destroy.

And as Adam struggles to pick up the pieces, he sets off in search of the truth. But what he discovers far exceeds anything he could have ever imagined.

In a world where pain and suffering threaten to strip us from our faith and all we hold dear, Every Good Gift is a suspenseful page-turner that asks the question: Is God's grace sufficient for you?

With breathless tension on every page, you will want everyone you know to read this book!
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Book Takeaway:

A page-turning mystery and suspense thriller wrapped in faith and laced with plenty twists and turns to keep you reading till well into the night.

Why the author wrote this book:

A spiritual re-awakening prompted me to switch from writing action/adventure thrillers to inspirational Christian fiction that brings God the glory He deserves. Inspired by James 1:17


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