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His Love Revealed

By Cynthia Herron


Since childhood, Ida Mae Hoscutt, the beloved proprietress of the Come and Get It Diner, has loved Charles “Chuck” Farrow from afar. Now on the eve of her thirty-ninth birthday with no marriage proposal in sight, Ida Mae mourns past mistakes and contemplates a makeover. When a radio commercial wrenches Ida Mae’s heart, will a sudden turn of events sabotage her chance for happiness or will a long-held secret be the answer to love ever-after?

As Ida Mae’s right-hand man at the Come and Get It, Chuck yearns to shift gears and start over. He’s ready to shelve bachelorhood and blunders in favor of possibilities and new beginnings. When he prepares to move forward, two things challenge his objective. One is the father who walked away and never looked back. The other? A decades-old question that only Ida Mae can answer.

And Ida Mae isn’t talking.

What others are saying...

“In His Love Revealed, author Cynthia Herron welcomes readers back to Ruby, Missouri and pens a happily ever after that’s a long time coming ... and well worth the wait. Ida Mae and Chuck’s love story shows readers the challenges of falling in love with your best friend and how we can often misinterpret today’s events through the lens of who we were years ago. Through it all, Herron never wavers in reminding readers how faith provides us with true hope.”

- Beth K. Vogt, award-winning author of the Thatcher Sister Series

"A delightful trip to the Ozarks. With His Love Revealed, Cynthia Herron has created a lovely Ozarks town where a plucky heroine named Ida Mae embarks on a faith-filled journey of the heart. Herron's lush descriptions bring Ida Mae's world to life in vivid color. The love story between Ida Mae and Chuck was charming and had me rooting for their happily ever after. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

- Belle Calhoune, Publisher's Weekly best-selling author of Her Alaskan Cowboy

Book Takeaway:

Hardships, when shared with those who've trudged a similar path, encourage us to press forward in victory. We draw strength from each other as we face life's delays and diversions. When we seek higher ground, it immobilizes our fear and bolsters our resolve.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book for those whose lives have taken an unplanned detour and for those who've faced hurt, made a poor choice, or suffered loss.


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