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When Life Goes Viral

By Mary Gant Bell


What really happens when a video featuring something you regret goes viral? All Greta wanted was an ice cream sundae. Instead, she became an overnight sensation. If she weren't such an extreme introvert with severe OCD issues, it might have been funny. But it's not.
The woman who barely leaves her apartment, let alone town, finds herself escaping on a cruise ship. It’s the only place she can think of that doesn’t have internet access or perpetual news coverage. It’s the only place she can avoid seeing her own face every three seconds.
When John literally bumps into her, his attraction is instantaneous. But is he attracted to her or her fame? Is it true what they say? Can love really overcome all things? Even the fame caused by one viral video?

When Life Goes Viral is book 1 of the series.

Book Takeaway:

We all have quirks, but we are all still worthy of love.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book after a frustrating day at the DMV. If I can't tantrum like I wanted to, why not create a character who can?


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