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Taming Julia

By Jodie Wolfe


In 1875, Kansas bachelor Drew Montgomery's sole desire is to serve God, but his congregation's ultimatum that he marry or leave, forces him to advertise for a wife by proxy.

Jules Walker strides into Drew's life wearing breeches and toting a gun and saddle--more cowboy than bride. After years on the trail, she's not exactly wife material, but she longs for home and family, and will do anything to ensure Drew never discovers what she really is.

Book Takeaway:

Things don't often turn out the way we'd hoped for. When faced with disappointments, what do we do? Buried deep in our hearts are hidden desires and longings. We search for understanding while God molds and shapes us, getting rid of those rough edges. Taming Julia provides the backdrop to allow readers to walk the road of acceptance and taming.


"This sweet, inspirational historical romance was a joy to read! It had humor, drama and a twist surprise ending I didn't expect. If you love western romances you'll love this book."
- Catherine on March 27, 2020

"This was a fun, clean Christian western.Very well written. Julia would be a great best friend. She reminds me of Doris Day in Calamity Jane."
- Saundra on February 23, 2020

"This western tale shows that God loves us all, faith can lead us through the darkest times, love prevails against the oddest of circumstances, and salvation is a gift for all who accept it."
- Patti on February 17, 2020

"Taming Julia is the sweet, sportive, suspenseful, and spiritual tale of how these two disparate characters endure, adjust, and grow in this unusual union."
- Janet on February 14, 2020

"Jodie Wolfe creates an engaging read with a cowgirl who gives a pastor a run for his heart. Drew Montgomery doesn't know what to make of Jules (Julia) when she arrives in his hometown. His mail order"
- Barbara on February 14, 2020

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