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Staying on the Vine

By Gordon Castelnero


Like so many Americans, Lindsay Kish and Nick Robinson grew up as Christians in name only. Their perceptions of life mirrored the idolatry of the world in rejection of God. Both of them nurtured appetites for their biggest vices, which tainted their judgement in romantic relationships. Their spiritual darkness ultimately led them down the aisle to childless marriages besieged by never-ending sins. Yet, during their trials of tribulation, God always threw them a lifeline of grace through revelations they routinely ignored, but would come to embrace after hitting rock bottom.

Based on a true story, Staying on the Vine is portrayed through character-driven backstories depicting the doubtful romance between two mid-life divorcees who ignored God's many calls, until they came together as the result of answered prayer. All of the disastrous choices made by Lindsay and Nick are typical of most non-believers who seek fulfillment in everything but God. Their second chance at marriage and a better life, in Christ, is an inspirational testament that failure is not final!

Book Takeaway:

Failure is not final—all things are possible with God.

Why the author wrote this book:

To paint a realistic portrait of sinful lifestyles versus a transformed life through Christ, by way of everyday experiences that will personally connect with everyone who reads it.


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