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Pocket Change

By Debbie Archer


Set in fictional Pocket, Arkansas, the story pivots around thirty-four-year-old Mary Clare Casteel, recent winner of The Publisher's Clearing House and her new neighbor, Mick Walker. Supporting characters include her unique family members, friends, and the residents of Pocket. Murder, romance, techie mishaps, and a host of Southern traditions accompany Mary Clare as she juggles a melt-down-gorgeous new neighbor, a fresh dead body, and the trials of being a millionaire—all while dodging persistent and often demented individuals vying for a piece of her winnings.

Her hometown, once known for its fine antique shops and elegant homes, has fallen on hard times. As a result, Pocket’s current claim to fame is the ten-mile-long yard sale held at the beginning of each month. When the town begins to receive negative publicity, Mary Clare decides to use part of her fortune to help rejuvenate the town. By assisting at-risk businesses and opening an eclectic establishment of her own, her dream is a click and a whistle from being realized.

But two surprising discoveries threaten to put the brakes on Mary Clare’s (Mac’s) grand opening of Pocket Change. She meets new neighbor, Mick Walker. And her contractor, Smitty Small, has been murdered and stuffed inside her display piece—a rare Victorian coffin. To complicate matters, a thirty-year-old murder resurfaces and Mary Clare suspects her neighbor may know more than he’s telling. What ensues is a cozy investigation led by a new millionaire and a Barbecue Cooking Bait Shop Owner.

Book Takeaway:

Time will never stand still, and we should find joy in every minute.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to write a story other readers who enjoy inspirational mysteries would enjoy.


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