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A Cross to Kill

By Andrew Huff


John Cross is a small-town pastor, bent on leading his flock to follow God's calling. He's not the sort of man one would expect to have a checkered past.

But the truth is that the man behind the pulpit preaching to his sheep was once a wolf--an assassin for the CIA. When John decided to follow Christ, he put that work behind him, determined to do penance for all the lives he took. He vowed never to kill again.

Now someone wants the peaceful pastor to pay for his sins with his own life. And when a terrorist out for revenge walks into the church, John's secrets are laid bare. Confronted with his past, he must face his demons and discover whether a man can truly change. Can he keep his vow--even when the people he loves are in mortal danger? Will his congregation and the brave woman he's learning to care for be caught in the cross fire? In the end, John's life may be the only sacrifice he has left to offer. . .

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book because I longed for a thrilling, action-packed novel with a strong biblical worldview. I struggled to find the kind of book I wanted to read, so I decided to write it myself! The best advice I ever received when it came to writing is to "write what you know," so I developed a story that contained elements I was familiar with (pastoral ministry) combined with the things I am most excited about from movies, television, and fiction (spies, car chases, and fist-fights).


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