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Sara's Surprise

By Susan G Mathis


Sara O’Neill, works as an assistant pastry chef at the magnificent Thousand Islands Crossmon Hotel where she meets precocious, lovable, seven-year-old Madison and her charming father and hotel manager, Sean Graham. But Jacque LaFleur, the pastry chef Sara works under, makes her dream job a nightmare.

Sean Graham has trouble keeping his mind off Sara and Madison out of mischief. Though he finds Sara captivating, he despises LaFleur and misreads Sara’s desire to learn from the pastry chef as affection. Can Sean learn to trust Sara and can she trust herself to be an instant mother?

Book Takeaway:

Even through the tough things we endure, healing and hope can be close at hand.


Year Title Description
2019 Winner of the American Fiction Award winner of the novella category
2019 Readers’ Five Star Favorite Award! five-star favorite award

Why the author wrote this book:

Because of the "Me Too" movement, I wanted show how women were treated in the 1870s while also showing that healing and redemption can come.


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