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Lioness: Mahlah's Journey

By Barbara M. Britton


While the Israelites struggle to occupy the Promised Land of God, Mahlah bat Zelophehad is orphaned and left to care for her four sisters. But daughters of the dead are unable to inherit land, and it will take a miracle for Mahlah to obtain the means to care for her sisters and uphold the vow she made to her dying mother.

Mahlah must seek Moses, the leader of her people, and request something extraordinary—the right for a daughter to inherit her deceased father’s land. A right that will upset the ox-cart of male inheritance and cast her in the role of a rebel.

But, God is the protector of the orphan and the widow, and five orphaned daughters need His help. With God, anything is possible. Even changing man’s tradition.

Book Takeaway:

God shows up for five orphaned sisters when they have no one to champion their cause but the Lord God Almighty. A "David and Goliath" story for girls (and boys).

Why the author wrote this book:

After being a Christian for many years, I had never heard about the daughters of Zelophehad--five orphaned sisters who changed history. I decided to write their story, so people would discover their bravery and their strong faith in God.


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