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The Hope That Is In You

By Christopher T. Walker


The Hope That Is In You, the inaugural volume of the Tales of Christian Faith series, recounts the story of Joshua Vaughan, a young man whose faith, hardship, and near death experience will inspire readers to live a life guided by belief.

A gifted musician who has been on his own since his parents died when he was a child, Josh begins to drift down the wrong path when he joins a popular local rock band. A series of seemingly innocent life choices brings Josh in contact with people who take him closer and closer to the edge.

With indifference gaining a foothold in his life, Josh is forced to take a stand when a mysterious man in a black Camaro arrives to guide him through a time-bending return to the place of his near-fatal accident. The man will push Josh to his limits as he learns to overcome his fears, renews his faith, and deepens his commitment to helping those around him.

Book Takeaway:

In this world of endless prevarication, we have to hold on to what we know is right and live according to our belief in God, all the while working to show others the beauty of the truth.

Why the author wrote this book:

The person on which this book is based had a notable impact on my life. If I could help others the way he helped me, I would consider myself blessed.


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