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Destiny of Heart

By Catherine Ulrich Brakefield


Book 3 of the Destiny Epic
As 1917 arrives, Ruby and her husband, Stephen, leave home and family behind for the prairies of Colorado. They hope and pray the climate change will cure Stephen’s mysterious illness.

Back home, Collina battles to save not only Shushan, but her own life as well.

Franklin Long lost what money couldn’t buy. Is it too late to make right his failings?Each yearns for contentment. But life has other plans…

Will their legacy of faith see them through?Award-winning historical fiction author Catherine Ulrich Brakefield weaves fiction with real life historical events to create this true-to-life novel Destiny of Heart, the 3rd book in the Destiny series.

Book Takeaway:

God does govern the affairs of man, and husbands and wives see that when you don't follow the teachings of scripture, home life is made more difficult.

Why the author wrote this book:

To give my readers deeper insight as to the God chances we often ignore.


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