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When Mountains Sing

By Stacy Monson


Mikayla Gordon loves nothing more than sleeping under the stars, reeling in the “big one,” and long hikes in the wilderness. A medical crisis reveals a 30-year-old secret that turns everything she’s known and believed upside down, unraveling her dreams and her identity.

In search of answers, she follows a trail from Minnesota to Colorado and discovers more unwelcome secrets even as she falls in love with the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and a wilderness camp leader who shares the greatest secret of all.

Knowing her life can never go back to what it was, she must make decisions that will impact far more than just her future.

Book Takeaway:

All of my books are based on the premise of “who are you, and who gets to decide?” Society tells us through a constant barrage of messages that we aren’t enough, we should look/feel/act/eat/drink this way to have a good life. But at the core of us, who were we created to be?
God has given us His DNA and created a one-of-a-kind person with a purpose (perhaps more than one) that is meant to impact the world in big and/or small ways. When we let ever-changing societal opinions shape our self-image and our life choices, we bury who we truly are—and, I believe, spend our life wondering why we feel so empty as we search for something more. To live our best life, we have to understand who God created us to be, and spend our life living that out. It’s what God wants for us—a truly abundant life—and it’s the best and only way to live.

Why the author wrote this book:

The idea for When Mountains Sing started with the question, “What if what you always believed about who you are turned out to be false?” We grow up trusting the adults around us to tell us the truth. As children, we usually see our parents as infallible, honest, forthright, wanting the best for us. But sometimes what they thought was best early on turns out to be a painful, devastating mistake in hindsight. At that point, emotions are often all-consuming as people struggle to come to terms with the mistake and find a way to create a new normal.
When Mountains Sing follows Mikayla who has unintentionally uncovered a secret permanently alters her life as well as her family. She sets out to find answers that will help her put a new framework to her life. Through that process, she’ll learn to adjust how she sees herself, what she sees as her identity, and how to forgive those who’ve hurt her the most.


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