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In the Shadow of the King

By Melissa Rosenberger


Hannah knows her brother is odd, but her mother’s explanations of angelic visits and ancient prophecies seem inconceivable—especially since Yeshua fails to meet any expectation of greatness. When tragedy devastates the family and Yeshua does nothing more than pray, Hannah’s heart shatters. She rejects his advice to trust him and, driven by fear, takes radical steps to secure her future.
Years later, Hannah grapples with a loveless marriage. And Yeshua’s rebellious actions threaten not only her tenuous social status but possibly her life. Once more, he asks for her trust. But how can a carpenter triumph over Rome when princes and armies have failed before? Can she survive disappointment again?
Deftly weaving biblical accounts of Yeshua’s family with historic detail, In the Shadow of the King examines our human tendency toward self-reliance when faced with painful loss. For anyone who has questioned the existence of a caring Savior, this story offers hope.

Book Takeaway:

We can trust that God is who He says He is even when our past experiences, present circumstances, or feelings say otherwise. He may lead us in unexpected ways, but His intentions toward us are always good. And if we'll trust Him, the King of the universe will be faithful to deliver exceedingly above all we can ask or imagine.


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