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Gunner's Run

By Rick Barry


Welcome to 1943. Gunner's Run is the story of Jim Yoder from Elkhart, Indiana. Young and confident Yoder has decided that he's going to be the master of his own fate. So he leaves home and enlists in the Army Air Force, where he becomes a waist gunner on a B-24 in England. But when unexpected events strand Yoder alone, on the ground, and behind enemy lines, he realizes he has a choice: either allow himself to be captured, or set his sights on England and make a run for it.

Can Yoder make it back to England before his pursuers catch or kill him? And will Margo, the girl he left back home, wait for him, or will she conclude he's dead and marry another? Join Jim Yoder on this unexpected adventure, where it's sometimes difficult to tell friend from foe...

Book Takeaway:

At the story's outset, B-24 gunner Jim Yoder has no interest in God and avoids thinking about Him. But when he finds himself alone, on foot, and on the run behind enemy lines, he learns to trust God as he struggles against all odds to get back to England.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to provide a wholesome World War II adventure for both Christian readers and secular readers who might not enter a Christian bookstore.


"I enjoyed Jim’s suspenseful journey to stay out of the Gestapo’s clutches. Gunner’s Run put me smack in the middle of a side of WWII I never studied. It was fascinating."
- Novelteen on November 21, 2009

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