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The Promise

By Carolyn Torbett-Johnson


Hungry and alone. Twelve-year-old
Jack and ten-year-old Leah are on their
own, living on the filthy streets of New
York City in 1908. Unable to find work,
they are facing starvation. When
Jack—in desperation—calls out to God,
a miraculous plan to provide for and
protect the children begins to unfold.

Book Takeaway:

God cares for us as a father. He's with us in the darkest times and will make a way of escape.

Why the author wrote this book:

I saw a documentary on the orphan train riders. My heart went out to these lost children with little hope. I bought books and read their own accounts of their struggles, their journeys and the new lives they found. Some were great, some were not. I know God has a special place for the orphans. I have endeavored to share the plight of these children and show God's love for them and for us.


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