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Capture Me

By Sherry Kyle


When Ashley Stevens discovers a box of photos that remind her of her difficult childhood with cancer, she wants to push that box aside while keeping her promise to her adoptive grandmother to create scrapbooks from the pictures in the trunk. A photo of herself as a young child sitting beside a smaller girl continues to haunt her. Who is she and why does the toddler’s face look so much like her own? Between her job at the animal shelter, waiting on a proposal from and her boyfriend of three years, and his troubled family, will Ashley ever discover who the girl is?

There’s nothing Kayla Witherspoon wants more than to quit medical school. After two grueling years, it is time she tell her parents the truth—that she desires to be a fashion designer, not a doctor like them. Adding to her fear of imperfection, a woman claims Kayla has a biological sister. She’s gotten along fine as an only child. Why would she need a sibling now?

Book Takeaway:

Every relationship is a risk. It takes courage to let go of our fears and open our hearts.

Why the author wrote this book:

As an adoptive mom, I'm interested in family dynamics—for the adopted child as well as for the adoptive family. I wondered what would happen if siblings were separated and never knew each other existed until they were in their early twenties. Would they want to be in each other's lives?


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