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The Plum Blooms in Winter

By Linda Thompson


She swore vengeance at any price. But one decision could change everything.

Finalist for FOUR 2019 Awards!
Carol Award
International Book Award, Two Categories
Cascade Award
Convinced that an American missionary and former WWII hero was responsible for the bomb that snuffed out her brother's life, a Japanese prostitute resolves to restore her honor by avenging him--even if it costs her own life. Fans of Redeeming Love, Unbroken, and All the Light We Cannot See will love this novel.

"A taut, crisp debut achievement that colorfully evokes the Pacific theater of WWII. Start this one forewarned: it's a stay-up-all-night read."- Jerry B. Jenkins--21-time New York Times bestselling author (Left Behind, et al)

A Prostitute Seeks Her Revenge--In 1942, Miyako Matsuura cradled her little brother as he died on the sidewalk, a victim of the first U.S. bombing raid on Japan. By 1948, the war has reduced her to a street-hardened prostitute consumed by her shame.

A WWII Hero Finds His True Mission--Dave Delham makes military aviation history piloting a B-25 in the audacious Doolittle Raid. Forced to bail out over occupied China, he and his crew are captured by the Japanese and survive a harrowing P.O.W. ordeal. In 1948, he returns to Japan as a Christian missionary, determined to showcase Christ's forgiveness.

Miyako learns Delham will visit her city and weaves her deadly plot. But the huntress soon becomes hunted in Osaka's treacherous underworld. Miyako must outmaneuver a ruthless brothel owner, outwit gangs with competing plans to profit by her, and overcome betrayal by family and friends--only to confront a decision that will change everything.

"Edgy, yet edifying, Thompson's debut is sure to leave its mark on you.... If you have time to squeeze in one more book... let it be this one." - Amanda Geaney, Christian Shelf-Esteem

For an adventure that's both pulse-pounding AND heart-stirring, read The Plum Blooms in Winter today!

What Others Are Saying:
"The Plum Blooms in Winter is a poignant story about bitter defeat and the power of forgiveness. With her lovely prose, Linda Thompson sweeps readers away on a journey to Japan and China during and after WWII, crafting a novel about the remarkable beauty and strength that bloomed in the midst of adversity. A brilliant debut!"
-Melanie Dobson, award-winning author of Hidden Among the Stars and Catching the Wind

"The Plum Blooms in Winter is a must read.... As the nephew of Lt. Robert Meder (a real Doolittle Raider), I witnessed firsthand the effects World War II caused on his parents, my grandparents, and his only sibling, my mother. This story takes readers on a journey into both sides, through the eyes of an American Doolittle Raider and a Japanese civilian woman. Many lose after a war is over, even those on the winning side."
-John Walker, nephew of Lt. Robert Meder, Doolittle Raider

"This is a grand, ambitious story set during World War II... It's a story of impossible choices that lead to terrible regret. It's a story of captivity and freedom, of honor and culture, of revenge and forgiveness. The setting is unique, the peek into Japanese culture is fascinating, and the message of grace is timeless. Linda Thompson is destined to become one of the greats in Christian fiction."
-Robin Patchen, award winning author of Convenient Lies and Finding Amanda

"Pearl Habor is a household name, but what came next? The Plum Blooms in Winter shines light on American heroes of the Doolittle Raid and post-war life in Japan. Even if you've been an avid World War Two reader, this unique story is sure to capture your heart and mind, as you follow the journey of two characters on opposite sides of the world (and of the war)."
-Caroline Walker Argenti, grandniece of Lt. Robert Meder, Doolittle Raider

"Linda Thompson has become one of my favorite new authors! World War Two can be too huge to contemplate, but peering into the hearts of two people living through that war brings it home with heartbreak and redemption. I look forward to following these people in their next adventure."
-Hannah Alexander, author of Hideaway Home

Book Takeaway:

In my view, any novel worth writing (or reading) needs to be about something bigger than that particular story. Something timeless. On the surface, this one is about how a group of individuals survived a certain war and its aftermath. But on another level, it’s about two clashing worldviews. Both Dave and Miyako are doing what they believe is right and noble. It puts them on a deadly collision course.
But they have more in common than it might appear. Both must come to a crisis of faith. And both must surrender the flawed ideas they grew up with about what creates a person’s worth and what makes a hero. “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (Romans 12:2). This is true in any culture.
The sordid situations this novel portrays—armed conflict, abuse of power, abuse of women, thirst for vengeance—have existed throughout history. And sadly, they won’t go away until history as we know it ends. They’re part of the human condition. As long as flawed humans are in charge of things on this planet, we won’t be rid of them.
So why did this story need to be written? Because it’s such a powerful illustration of how God’s grace pierces through to the darkest places our world can devise.


Year Title Description
2016 ACFW Genesis Contest Winner: Historical ACFW contest for unpublished manuscripts
2019 ACFW Carol Award Finalist: Debut ACFW award to be announced in September
2019 Cascade Award Finalist: Historical Oregon Christian Writers Conference award to be announced in August
2019 International Book Award Finalist: Inspirational Fiction, Religious Fiction Finalist for American Book Fest's International Book Award in two categories

Why the author wrote this book:

To give God glory for an amazing story of forgiveness and grace


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