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Walker's Vale

By John J Zelenski


A man struggling with his faith decides to move his family to the small country town of Walker’s Vale, Pennsylvania. James Cooper, his wife Maria, and their four year-old autistic daughter soon discover that the ideal life they wanted comes with a steep price. A series of bizarre events soon begin to unfold and ultimately reveals that someone or something has been waiting for their arrival. A story of faith, deception, and horror all weaved into a tangled ball of suspense that will lead the reader on a supernatural journey to redemption and the miraculous.

Book Takeaway:

Good guys sometimes wear black. Pay attention to the little things in life. Not every question has an answer.


Year Title Description
2017 Spirit -Filled Fiction Recognition of Achievement Walker's Vale
2017 Spirit -Filled Fiction Recognition of Achievement The Journal of Ezekiel Walker
2012 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading Winner
2018 Author Academy Award Top 10 Thriller Category

Why the author wrote this book:

This book was in part inspired by my own experiences as a child. I also wanted to let people know that a Light does indeed shine in the darkness.


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