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Don't Tell the Rabbi: Bk I, Three Friends and an Old Lady

By Sigrid Fowler


A wild and inspirational romp in the small town South. An inside look at the relationship (with commentary) between a rabbi, a minister, and an English professor … and what the rabbi discovers long after the whole town is buzzing. If this was a stage play (and it should be) it would be a Tony Award contender! Join the rabbi and friends on this hilarious, inspirational, revealing ride of spiritual enlightenment. Don’t Tell the Rabbi is a book you’ll want to share with friends.

Book Takeaway:

First, the healing of old griefs and quarrels; second, the exploration of bonds forged in childhood when labels like Jew and Gentile meant nothing. Conflicts of various kinds reveal the character of the three men--the minister, the rabbi, and the English teacher in this inside look at the small-town South. Isaiah 53 is an issue.

Why the author wrote this book:

First, to develop characters from a seminary paper the dean liked and to keep at it because it was so much fun. Second, as the story developed, I relished the opportunity to express friendliness toward the Jewish community, but also to lay out a case for the exploration of Isaiah 53, a passage not read in synagogues.


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