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The Redemption Road

By Christa MacDonald


Alex Moretti had earned his nickname, 'Warden Broody.' As the new game warden in Sweet River, he had focused on enforcing Maine's wildlife laws and little else. He'd left a mess back home, and all he wanted out of his time in the north woods was some peace and quiet while he worked out how to fix his life.
The day he stepped into Coffee by the Book and met the owner, Annie Caldwell, he had known there was one more thing he wanted. But Annie was sweetness and light and his life was bitter and dark. Best to keep her at arms' length.
Annie isn't sure if she's friends with Alex, friendly, or...something else. But she's determined to find out. When she decides to explore things with Alex, it sets off a chain reaction of events that draws them together. As the trouble chasing Alex starts to catch up with him, she realizes what danger they're in. It's too late for Annie's heart - it already belongs to Alex. When he tries to push her away she holds tight, knowing that what he truly needs is to find redemption, but he'll need to do it quickly, or else Annie may end up paying the price.

Book Takeaway:

Reach out to others, even when you think you'll be rejected. Hurting people rarely ask for help. We all need to reach out to each other and build a real community no matter our situation.

Why the author wrote this book:

These characters really pulled me into their story. Their flaws are very human ones, the kind we all face. I wanted to tell the story of their road to redemption because although they're in different spots, they're both traveling from broken and wounded to redeemed by Grace.


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