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Scarlet Tears

By Laura Hervey


Caught in a romantic triangle with her brother’s best friend and a charming pastor, former call girl Carly Lawrence struggles to start a new life. To escape her past, she must learn to forgive herself and Alan Rutledge, her sometimes-boyfriend and owner of Rutledge Escort Services.

Abandoned as a child, Joe Callahan, Carly’s former neighbor and now a Buffalo police officer, must forgive his mother before he can fully forgive Carly her past and earn her trust.

When Carly meets Ryan Edgar, a young minister pastoring his first church, she finds his attraction to her amusing. Surely, he must realize she could never make a suitable pastor’s wife.

Does her attraction to these two men mean she hasn’t changed at all?

Book Takeaway:

No matter how far a woman may stray from God's best God is a God of forgiveness and second chances.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this redemption romance to show God's grace to readers who may believe that they have messed their lives up so badly that God doesn't want them anymore.


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