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By Jason C. Joyner


Demarcus Bartlett and Lily Beausoliel are among a select group of teenagers invited to an exclusive, all-expenses-paid conference hosted by the Alturas Foundation located in California and led by charismatic founder Simon Mazor, the world's youngest billionaire and the creator of the Flare social network. This isn't the typical honor's society. It seems that some here have a secret, untapped potential, some power that may not be entirely of this world. An ancient prophecy suggests that if these combine their abilities, they could change the course of history. The only question is, will it be for better or for worse?

Book Takeaway:

We are all given gifts - will we use those for God's glory or for our own end?


Year Title Description
2019 Realm Award Debut Author

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to write a fun superhero story that extrapolated Biblical miracles into powers in the modern world, and explore what it would be like to have those gifts.


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