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The Lyre and the Lambs

By Sydney Avey


A feast of family can be a plate load of problems! It’s the Sixties. Modernity and tradition clash when two newlywed couples set up house together.

Dee and her daughter Valerie move with their husbands into a modern glass house Valerie built in a proudly rural Los Altos, California, neighborhood. When their young relatives start showing up and moving in, the neighbors get suspicious. Then a body is found in the backyard, and the life they are trying to build comes undone. Father Mike is back to guide Dee through a difficult time with humor and grace, even as his own life is unraveling. Now he’s going to have to take some of his own advice about love. The sequel to The Sheep Walker s Daughter, The Lyre and the Lambs explores the passions that draw people together and the faith it takes overcome trauma.

Book Takeaway:

In the chaos of life, God blesses those who trust him.

Why the author wrote this book:

Readers expected a sequel to The Sheep Walker's Daughter, so I revisited Dee and Father Mike ten years later. I also wanted to see what happened to this open-hearted pair as they moved from the idyllic Fifties into the turbulent Sixties.


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