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God's Love Most Gentle

By Mary Marie Allen


Kim Macomb returns from Zaire, Africa where the 1995 coup has claimed her missionary husband’s life. Grief-stricken and pregnant, Kim is only a shadow of herself. Hoping to promote her daughter’s healing, Carol sends Kim, to the calm, godly man who once rescued her. Jack’s Montana ranch seems to have the desired effect, but as his son, Mitch, and bad boy Hank vie for Kim’s affections, an agonizing secret drives her further from God. Swept up in Kim’s search for peace and forgiveness, those around her face their own frailties and the sometimes unexpected, yet overwhelming truth – God’s love is most gentle.

Book Takeaway:

There is no secret from God and nothing that can keep His redemptive love away cleansing us, except our refusal to receive it.

Why the author wrote this book:

I've known many good Christian women who struggle with their grief and their past, unable to forgive themselves. Often this stunts their spiritual growth or even sends them in a tailspin away from Jesus who can rescue them.


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