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By Susan Miura


Warmth. Peace. A misty blue haze. Heat that radiates from her heart and flows through her body, down her arms, and into her palms.
It happens every time.
Shilo Giannelli possesses an amazing God-given gift. But in the face of danger and heartbreaking loss, she struggles with the immensity of being a Healer.

Book Takeaway:

Trust God. If you do, he’ll take you down paths that may seem to go in crazy directions, and even down some slippery slopes, but he’ll catch you when you fall, give you the courage you need, and land you where you need to be. Often that landing spot is way different, and way better, than what you had planned. Takeaway #2 is that, like Shilo, we all have something to offer the world. It may not be as huge as the power to heal, but we can all use what God gave us to make the world, or just one person's world, a little brighter.


Year Title Description
2018 Royal Dragonfly (StoryMonsters) Honorable Mention in Young Adult
2018 Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal in Young Adult

Why the author wrote this book:

I kept remembering seeing a dog get hit by a car when I was a child, and wishing I could save it. That memory became the opening scene of Healer, and that scene became a book. I wanted to have a character depict what it looks like to trust God in tough circumstances, and use what God gave her to help others...something everyone can do.


"The novel is about a teenage woman who discovers she has a supernatural ability to heal people’s medical infirmities. She cannot summon the healing power at will; it manifests itself occasionally. Exe"
- Joe on February 19, 2018

"Susan Miura writes with eloquence and humor about an ordinary girl thrust into an extraordinary situation."
- Gina on January 31, 2018

"From the very first page, Healer grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go! Susan Miura creates characters that are so real I’d like to join them for dinner and tension so thick I held my breath!"
- Felicia on January 27, 2018

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