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A Twisted Strand

By Lynne Tagawa


After a painful divorce, Rachel Davis is ready to enjoy her new South Texas country home, raise her kids, and find some peace. Can she discover the secret to making her heart whole again?

William Davis, MD, would do anything to take back his horrible mistake, but infidelity is more than his wife can forgive. He goes home every night to an empty house in Austin each night, trying his best to be a good dad to his kids from afar.

When Rachel discovers their Jersey heifer dead from a hemorrhagic fever, she quickly realizes that the disease may spread to humans. Working with an epidemiologist, she joins the investigation. The family vet sickens, and Will enters the battle against this mysterious virus. Is it natural? Or is it terrorism?

Estranged from God and from each other, Rachel and Will encounter the truth of the gospel and struggle to make sense of it all. Is there hope? And is there hope for their relationship?

Book Takeaway:

I hope my readers are entertained and informed, but I'd like them to also take away important spiritual truths. The law leads us to Christ by showing us our need of Him.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to showcase the relationship of the Law of Moses to the gospel in a user-friendly, simple way. So it's a theological novel. But in the course of writing it, I realized that it wasn't just a book about two people being reconciled to God. They also became reconciled to each other. It's about human relationships too.


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