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A Rebel in My House

By Sandra Merville Hart


Sarah Hubbard makes her living as a seamstress in her solitary home beside Willoughby Run, a creek near Gettysburg. Her loyalties are firmly on the side of the North so when Confederate soldier, Jesse Mitchell, seeks refuge at her home she cautiously agrees to help him. Jesse promised his sister-in-law to bring her husband, Jonas, home safely. With all the death he's witnessed fighting for "The Cause," protecting Jonas has become a matter of honor. He is prepared to die for his brother and his country. He appreciates his luck in finding a caring woman behind enemy lines. When Union soldiers spill onto their property, Sarah's compassionate decision to conceal Jesse's presence in her home leads to more hardships than she can imagine. More than borders separate the couple. Can a Southern soldier and a Northern seamstress overcome the bitterness of loss and find the love amidst the horrors of war?

Book Takeaway:

The story portrays the attitudes and beliefs of a country at war in 1863. The popular modern views do not know or take these into account. No one alive today is to blame for anything that transpired back then yet emotions are still strong.


Year Title Description
2018 Silver Illumination Award Silver
2018 Faith, Hope. & Love Readers' Choice Award 2nd place

Why the author wrote this book:

Most Gettysburg novels about the Civil War battle focus on what happened in the fields. I wanted to also show what the townspeople endured, not only for the three days of battle but also what followed. I wanted to write an authentic novel about the way things were before, during, and after the famous battle at Gettysburg. The more I researched, the more intense the story grew. The townspeople felt as if they lived a never-ending nightmare. Strong women and men rose up to meet the challenge, proving themselves to be true heroes.


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