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Barely Above Water

By Gail Pallotta


An illness comes out of nowhere and strikes Suzie Morris. Her boyfriend dumps her. She has no living family, and her physician can’t diagnose the malady. Suzie relies on her Christian faith as she faces the uncertainty of the disease, and turns to a renowned alternative doctor in Destin, Florida. She takes a job coaching a county-sponsored summer swim team. She’s determined to turn the fun, sometimes comical, rag-tag bunch into winners. Her handsome boss renews her belief in love, but learns of her mysterious affliction and abruptly cuts romantic ties. Later he has regrets, but can he overcome his fear of losing a loved one and regain Suzie’s trust?

Book Takeaway:

Hope. With God all things are possible.

Why the author wrote this book:

Ten years ago I grew quite ill. After having tests for a month, I was told what I had couldn’t be diagnosed, so I couldn’t be treated. Divine intervention led me to an alternative doctor who started treating me immediately and subsequently told me I had Chronic Lyme Disease. Since then I’ve met and heard of many people suffering from the malady, or an illness that can’t be diagnosed. Their stories touched my heart and inspired me to write Barely Above Water, which gives information about symptoms and treatments for the disease. The technical material is woven around a romance and a cute group of youngsters on a summer league swim team, so it’s fun as well as informative. The symptoms and treatments are real, but everything else is fiction except the information by experts in the back of the book.


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