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Snow Globe Christmas Collection

By Jenna Victoria, Teresa Lilly, Paulyn Aneke, Christina Lorenzen, Katrina Hart, June Foster


This is a collection of 6 Snow Globe Novellas, which are sold individually on amazon but have been brought together just in time for Christmas. Enjoy stories such as Christmas at Racoon Creek by June Foster, Christmas Wish by Paulyn Aneke, Snow Globe Romance By Teresa Ives Lilly, Snow Globe Reunion by Christina Lorenzen, War of the Heart by Jenna Victoria and Love in Little Snow by Katrina Hart

Book Takeaway:

Threads of Faith, Hope and Love - and returning to traditional Christmas sentiments focusing on "the reason for the season" - gives each novella a feel-good factor that stays with you long after reading.

Why the author wrote this book:

The idea of angelic intervention (similar to the angel in the holiday film It's a Wonderful Life, as represented by the vintage snow globe in each novella) which brings the hero or heroine back thru time, was a unique twist to a novella collection.


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