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All Uphill (Shifting Gears)

By Darlene A Baker


Long haul trucking, lady style, keeps Victoria at the wheel. She converts from paralegal to professional driver and sets out to find the perfect retirement real estate to get her out of a ruthless drug dealing neighborhood back home. Along with her co-driver, she is at the mercy of the faceless dispatchers who flip-flop the loads until it wears their patience thin. She details the fear, danger and deadlines they must overcome as a married team. The nation is beginning to coordinate U.S. border crossing regulations with Canada, brought on by the diabolical 9/11 attack. The rules are tightening, and Vicki is caught in the middle.


Year Title Description
2016 Camp NaNoWriMo Wrote over 50K words in less than 30 days of July 2016


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