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Stolen Legacy (Treasure Harbor Book 4)

By Angel Moore


Victor Burton’s pirate ancestry destroyed his parents’ marriage. He’s a sour guy who runs a candy store and wants nothing to do with a lost treasure. With no skills to build relationships, he buries himself in his work. He believes in God, but he’s not sure God believes in him.

Growing up in foster care, Mallory Reed knows no one wants her forever. Her Christian beliefs keep joy in an otherwise lonely life. When she opens an antique shop next to Victor, her sweet tooth has her reaching out for friendship. How she’d love to scrape the barnacles off his personality and find out what treasures lay inside his hardened heart.

Can a woman who's lived her life without a sense of belonging love a man who wants to forget his heritage?

Treasure Harbor: Seven novellas centered around a quest to find treasure hidden by a notorious pirate, Drake Burton, in the seventeen-hundreds. When Nor’easter Igor unearths gold coins on Bounty Beach in Treasure Harbor, treasure seekers from near and far converge on the town in hopes of finding the treasure of a lifetime. Set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the seaside town of Treasure Harbor, this series features heroes and heroines who are dealing with the fact that their beloved town has gone treasure crazy.


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