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Island Christmas

By Kimberly Rose Johnson


Sous Chef Rachel Narrelli returns to Wildflower Island looking for a fresh start for herself and her young son, but instead she discovers that life has a lot of bumps in the road even on idealic Wildflower Island. She is grateful to her friends for their support, especially Chris, who stands with her through it all. She cares for the man, but is she willing to risk her heart?

A self-proclaimed workaholic, Chris Campbell comes to Wildflower Island hoping to invest in the hot real estate market and take life at a slower pace. When a new guest at Wildflower B&B catches his eye he is smitten, but how will a woman and her young son fit into his future, when he’s not even sure he will have a future due to a heart condition?


"I really enjoyed reading Rachel's story. I loved seeing how she had grown since we met her in Island Refuge. The relationship between Chris and Jason was very touching. I liked how Chris and Rachel we"
- Susan on December 01, 2015

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