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Coast Guard Courtship

By Lisa Carter


A Seaside Romance

Coast Guard Officer Braeden Scott's life is all about freedom and adventure. Being assigned to a tiny Virginia coastal village is the last thing he wants. But thanks to a feisty redhead, he's soon discovering the charms of a small-town life. Amelia Duer is all about home and hearth. Taking care of others is her whole world. As Braeden spends more time with her and her nephew, his hopes for a family begin to resurface. Could Amelia prove to be the anchor this charming Coastie needs to stop wandering and create a home for good?

Book Takeaway:

Amelia is a fixer, a problem-solver by nature. Her journey involves learning to place her trust and her dreams where they will always be safest—in the loving hands of God. Braeden comes to realize that only in God will he find the safe harbor he never dreamed was out there all along.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to thank two groups of people—
1.the men and women of the United States Coast Guard for their dedication and sacrifice. Blessings to you who serve on CG vessels and at CG stations. Thank you for your service.
And 2.Thanks to all my Onley friends who, after all these years, still continue to welcome me back into the peaceful harbor of their beautiful Eastern Shore world.


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