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By Braxton DeGarmo


It’s the late 1960’s and life with an alcoholic father in rural western North Carolina couldn’t get worse for young Alice Cummings, until she gets pregnant out of wedlock and her father “sells” her baby. She flees in fear of him, resolved to find her child, but gives up hope as more tragedy derails her search before it can really begin. Yet, her life turns around in a most unexpected way … before she disappears from the face of the earth.

For mega-selling author, Myra Mitchell, the “Diva of Disaster,” a life of hard work and harder partying falls into a tailspin after a life-changing diagnosis. In pursuit of a final book, she sets her sights on the unknown story of Alice Cummings only to find herself racing death to pay back a debt unveiled by her hunt.

Book Takeaway:

That God indeed knows what you seek and what you need.

Why the author wrote this book:

The initial idea for the book came as a short story contest entry, but I soon realized that 4,000 words would never do it justice or present the real story of perseverance and redemption.


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