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Unexpected Reunion

By Carolyn Greene



For four years, Ruthie Chandler avoided the man who broke their engagement -- and her heart. But when her antiques shop mistakenly sells his ailing grandmother's doll, she comes face-to-face with the man she never forgot. Teaming up with Gray Bristow on this important mission won't be easy, but Ruthie suspects it's exactly what the disillusioned veteran needs. The doll is the key to Gray's family's past -- and possibly his future. And it may be what finally brings the ex-soldier home to faith ... and to Ruthie.

Book Takeaway:

Look behind any coincidence to see God's presence.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love the idea of chosen families, which is how Ruthie came to be honorarily adopted by Gray's grandparents. So when Gray's faith was shattered and he broke up with Ruthie as a result, it affected the family. So, in essence, reuniting the couple also serves to reunite the entire family ... in ways that are quite unexpected.


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