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Betrayal on the Border

By Jill Elizabeth Nelson


Former army communications specialist Maddie Jerrard may not remember the details of the deadly mission on the Texas-Mexico border, but she knows one thing. She's not the one responsible for the massive ambush that left only her and investigative journalist Chris Mason alive. The culprit must be the only other survivor—Chris. Yet with suspicion—and danger—targeting Maddie and Chris, and a killer on their trail, partnering up is the only solution. But as Maddie and Chris get closer to uncovering the truth, they'll have to trust each other to make it through alive.

Book Takeaway:

God can turn the most heinous situation around and bring victory in the end. No matter how much darkness tries to hide and avoid detection, the light of truth and justice will expose it in the end.

Why the author wrote this book:

I have strong concern about issues regarding the border between the U.S. and Mexico. The situation with the drug cartels just south of Laredo, TX, is appalling. Decent people hardly dare live in the area. Friends of ours operate a mission outreach there. They used to live in Nuevo Laredo, but their location became so dangerous they had to move their base north of the border. They travel in and out of Mexico to reach out to the suffering people there. The children, especially, are helpless victims. Many are absolutely destitute.

In Betrayal on the Border, I envision a joint effort between U.S. forces and Mexican forces to wipe out a particularly noxious cartel. As the title implies, a betrayal occurs, with tragic consequences. The story takes up from the point of the tragedy and leads the reader through a hair-raising race to expose who on the U.S. side is hand-in-glove with the cartel.


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